Tom & Alex’s wedding took place in Surrey. The ceremony and reception were held at Millbridge Court near Farnham. The venue was in a picturesque and modern country barn. The weather was perfect for the outside part of the ceremony. I always love it when weddings are conducted in the open air.

It was a joy photographing Alex and her bridesmaids getting ready. The atmosphere was chilled and relaxed. After Alex had put on her wedding dress, I waited at the bottom of the staircase and took pictures of Alex after she descended from the bridal suite. I framed the shots through the centre table. This was one of my favourite photos of the day. 

Just before the wedding ceremony started, the registrar came up to me and started worrying about the weather being too ‘English’. I told her not to be concerned. We are all used to the English weather and everybody had come prepared with umbrellas. 

The photographs I was able to take that day clearly show not only the relaxed wedding ceremony but also the guest’s wonderful reactions to the hilarious speeches and the first dance.


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